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Released filepush 1.0

I am proud to announce that I launched my first open-source project. Filepush is a self-hosted (for now) service that allows you to upload and download files from your app. It gives the user one endpoint where he can send files. The app takes care of important stuff like security and storage.

Multiple filesystem support

Filepush is built around a Filesystem. It can handle multiple adapters. It ships with a LocalAdapter and an AWS S3Adapter. Support for other filesystems can be easily added.

Image support

Filepush supports the resizing of images. When uploading a new image, you can pass a width and height and it will resize the image before storing it on the filesystem.

Security first

Filepush requires for every action a valid API key. Credentials are never stored by the application. Filepush is built on the shoulders of giants, like NestJS.

What’s ahead

More features are added:

  • Configurable caching for the download endpoint. Why hit AWS or the filesystem when the file has not changed?
  • Configurable rate limitting for uploads and downloads.
  • Resizing support for downloads.

Let me know what you think or follow the development at github.

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